Top 12 Pakistani YouTubers

Pakistani YouTubers

These days, everybody is out to be a Vlogger. A few people transform that feeling into a drawn out thing. Indeed, even in Pakistan, we currently have genuine substance makers with truly incredible substance on YouTube. Pakistani YouTube tech covers numerous subjects, from magnificence to go along with.

A couple of years prior, Pakistani YouTuber was not making as compelling materials as they are today.

YouTube is an incredible stage where anybody can transfer recordings and make a blog about nearly all that intrigues you. Online media distinction isn’t simple nowadays. It requires genuine difficult work and a solid obligation to your specific assignment.

Above all, it requires demonstrated persistence and resilience since it was difficult for anybody in one night or picked up notoriety. Yet, in a couple of hours, a video can circulate around the web and can have a great many remarks. Notwithstanding, there are in every case a few necessities to arrive at this imprint.

1. Nadir Ali P 4 Pakao

Nadir Ali is the man behind Pakistan’s greatest YouTube channel, P 4 Pakao. Since it has become Pakistan’s most broad free direct in 2018, this is the primary Pakistani separate YouTube channel to have more than 1 million individuals. He additionally has a record of turning into the primary YouTube to arrive at 2 million in Pakistan.

Nadir Ali is from Karachi and begun his YouTube direct in 2016. They had introductory accomplishment on Facebook, on the grounds that their unique recordings became a web sensation on numerous Facebook and, as per history, they are getting fat there as well. As an entertainer, Nadir Ali has been lauded from the two sides of the outskirt of India and Pakistan. Renowned Indian Bollywood stars have likewise adulated Nadir Ali and his comical inclination.

2. Kitchen with Amna

In 2018, Pakistan saw a blast in its YouTube stars, and we have numerous channels, and you are leaving the whole country. Amna turned into the main Woman YouTube to arrive at 1 million clients on YouTube. It has become a huge achievement for a nation known as a moderate society.

Kitchen with Amna is a cooking channel where the host transfers different plans and cooking signals every day. In the event that you like Pakistani, Indian, and Continental food, the kitchen with Amna can assist them with their stunning plans.

3. Qasim Ali Shah

Qasim Ali Shah is a celebrated mentor and energetic speaker. Their online presence and substance are predominant among the Pakistani public and instructed youth. Its YouTube channels depend on talks and transient recordings that are picking up high notoriety. With regards to new clients on YouTube, it’s the most beneficial.

4.Mubashir Siddique (Village Food Secrets)

The maker Siddique functioned as a creation director at a football fabricating organization in Sialkot. He additionally went through a year working in Malaysia, however he left everything and got back to think about his family, and afterward silver was conceived.

The 33-year-old, from a little town in Shahpur in The District of Sialkot, Punjab, begun his YouTube channel, The Village Food Secret, where he shared food plans from the network and resembled by individuals around the globe.

It has become a YouTube marvel whenever in light of the fact that, in only two years, the channel has developed to 720,000, and we can gladly say that the most mainstream of the little town is the Top You Tuber of Pakistan.

5.Saad Ur Rehman (Ducky Bhai)

Saad Rehman is the man behind Pakistan’s most popular YouTube channel. As the name of the Ducky Bhai (his YouTube channel name) is from Lahore, and this year, he is 20 years of age. Saad did his single man’s in PC from Lahore. However, he has just moved on from YouTube Academy as a conspicuous YouTube move on from Pakistan.

In 2018, he showed up in broad daylight because of his online resentment with another well known YouTube. Also, from that point forward, its YouTube channel has expanded quickly. With numerous Indian substance makers, Saad has joined tip top legs and is currently crossing the 10 million imprint in 2019.

6.Shahmeer Abbas

Shahmeer Shah is the quickest rising You Tuber from Pakistan. Brought into the world in Lahore in April 1999, he is renowned for his entertaining recordings and fun stuff. The nearby whiz is winning the Internet with his dance stunt and abnormal recordings, where he makes arbitrary individuals in the city. Its channel on YouTube is one of Pakistan’s quickest developing chains, as it has seen an incredible28, 000% expansion in its adherents in 2018 alone.

8. Irfan Junejo

This man is likely Pakistan’s most acclaimed blogger. He was the person who began this moving and is currently viewed as the best in business. Right now, it has an aggregate of 485,254 endorsers on YouTube, and this number is expanding as time passes. His interesting style of video making, his story and, his reasoning sites make it considerably more exceptional.


The kid from Larkana, who dropped from college in his seventh semester, has at last taken to YouTube. With his one of a kind style of discourse and a comical inclination, Samo made a tremendous fan in a brief timeframe. He is principally known for his list meeting called Awesamo Speaks. His video altering is additionally exceptionally energizing. Its channel runs under the name of the KhujLee family and at present has an aggregate of 694,783 supporters of its channel.

10.Azad Chaiwala

Azad Chaiwala, a Pakistani financial specialist who maintains a great deal of organizations around the globe and runs a YouTube channel with a similar name. From which he shares thoughts to learn youthful Pakistani financial specialists. Individuals can get profitable business thoughts, particularly from Pakistan, to begin acquiring from anyplace on the planet.

He as of late moved back to Pakistan and is as of now doing his business in Azad Kashmir. His style is alluring and, his substance is extraordinary, which assisted him with getting our rundown. We offer Good Wishes to Mr. Chaiwala and give him the full capacity to keep doing what he is doing on his YouTube channel.


Lahorified is the most well known trick youtube direct in Pakistan.lahorified group is making a drawing in substance day by day base. lahorified content is so entertaining. presently lahorified dispatched our site which covers the most recent news and different subjects which is interest and gets fascination our crowd

12.Tips Technology

He is a rising YouTube star from Lahore, who makes an assortment of tech stuff for his supporters. Its substance isn’t restricted to instruct, data, or audits. It makes a wide range of tech content for its clients. He’s in every one of these spaces. As a result of this consistent speed constantly, individuals follow its channel. What’s more, in view of this certainty, its channel is developing at a mind blowing rate.

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