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Preventing Vawg Usings in Entertainment Media

Preventing Vawg Usings in Entertainment Media

Preventing Vawg Usings in Entertainment Media

The Entertainment Media Management profession includes all the managerial and operational aspects of network, independent film, television, music, visual arts, publishing, promotion and public relations, featuring issues, budgets, production, management and supervision of the entertainment media industries in North America. In this career field you will have a variety of responsibilities such as editorial and creative control of content, negotiating licensing and contracts, strategic planning and programming, technical support, budgeting, marketing and promotions. You will need to be skillful at negotiations, interpersonal communication, event coordination, event promotion, event marketing, and event promotion and management. This is a great job for the person that has an interest in entertainment or works well with people and are organized.



Many individuals work as freelance entertainment workers for television shows, radio shows, film, theatre, video games, theme parks, corporate entertainment events, special events, advertising agencies, publishing houses, graphic design firms, art galleries and other marketing oriented media groups. There are several different areas of employment in the entertainment industry. You could work behind the scenes in a production office as a production manager. You could be an on-air personality and talk show host working as a media writer.


Another option is as a digital media producer working for an entertainment media company such as SyFy, Global Television, Disney, Lions Gate Entertainment, or another cable network. Or perhaps you enjoy entertainment marketing and social media strategy working at PR agencies, publishing houses, blogs, websites, book publishing companies, video game development studios, corporate entertainment companies, independent film production companies, TV networks, recording studios, event planning businesses and any of the other various media related fields. If you love performing live entertainment at clubs, bars, festivals, weddings, or corporate events, there are many jobs that allow for that experience. You can provide sound, lighting, dance, projection, video assistance, catering, event safety and security, and medical services for shows. You can also provide promotions for talent agencies, radio and TV stations, and theaters.


In order to break into this industry, you need to have some background in a related area. Most positions require degrees in communications, marketing, media studies, or entertainment management. Depending upon the type of gig you are seeking, you will also need experience in any of the technical aspects of running a media organization. Media degrees can include such subjects as digital media production, website design, SEO, social media marketing, online marketing, PR and more. The possibilities seem endless with the various media employment opportunities out there.


One great example is edutainment. This includes everything from reality shows (which can be either a program or a franchise) to cartoons, animation, viral videos, and more. These programs often provide a platform for kids and young adults to interact, learn, and experience new ideas and social norms that are being presented in today’s society. It’s not unusual to see an edutainment show promoted as “education for a lifetime” or “Hollywood’s hottest show.”


If you’re interested in becoming involved with edutainment, you can find work in such areas as programming development, casting, and production. For example, you could help to create a reality series or make a documentary about it. Your job may also involve consulting on the various production elements of the program. Think about how you can incorporate educational elements in the program in order to make it more interesting and appealing to the audience.


Another popular form of entertainment media involves video games and the video game industry. It’s an ever-growing industry that employs millions worldwide. The entertainment media refers to the business side of video games and other computer based media. This business often includes magazines, books, music, movies, special-issue magazines, and others. The entertainment media are closely tied to the gaming industry and video games. Many game magazines are published along with book publishing houses.


Video games and edutainment aren’t the only things being released into the public. There are also websites for the soul seeking and people in the workforce who seek a creative outlet for their creativity. This combination of diverse sources of entertainment media makes the entertainment business a unique entity unto itself.

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